tim blechmann was born and lives in a foreign country.

he attended various scientific and artistic universities and has a degree in both fields. as researcher he has published in the field between arts and sciences, though he prefers to keep his research and artistic work separate, as research is for the brain and arts is for the heart.

he played a lot of improvised music, loud and quiet, on festivals, in clubs, churches or living rooms, sometimes with audience, sometimes without, sometimes in europe, sometimes abroad, sometimes solo, sometimes in duos, as he considers this as the most direct and intimate musical encounter. always using free software, often his own. he also collaborated with like-minded artists, working with installations or abstract animations. his compositions are sometimes completely digital, sometimes involving analog material. most of his works are self-published on his website or his net-label moka bar.

he always has a strange feeling when writing about himself in the third person and usually prefers that people listen to his music instead of reading his biography. therefore he keeps it as boring as possible, but encourages people to listen to his music unbiased in a concentrated, preferably dark environment in order to completely focus on listening.